In 2022 we were able to work with a few prides.

The Pride Space Fund is pleased to announce that grants were given to Cornwall Pride, Abergavenny Pride and Pride in Surrey and a performance grant to Warwickshire.

These grants were given in the form of a merchandise grants. A merchandise grant enables qualifying prides to purchase pride merchandise, such as flags, bunting, face paints and pride-related jewellery to sell at their own events, meaning that they can profit from on-day sales and other channels, such as their websites or in the case of Pride In Surrey in their own high street location.

Jake Hook, the founder of Pride Space, spoke about the awarded grants and said, “I’m so happy that we could start providing grants to prides in the UK. These grants are effectively worth double their size when a pride converts their merchandise into sales. It also means that Prides are able to profit from on-the-day sales that their pride events naturally generate.”

This year Pride Space hopes to be able to work with more pride events across the UK with more merchandise grants. Applications will open soon for the 2023 season.

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