The Pride Fund has officially become Pride Space CIC a registered Community Interest Company No. 14719542. This means that Pride Space is now an official company independent from The Pride Shop and its parent company. It will operate under the guidelines of the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.

As such Pride Space has its own governance and operates independently from its previous owner and has published its aims and missions with Companies House.

We will adhere to the Code Of Fundraising as set out by the Fund Raising Regulator and will at the earliest opportunity apply for membership of that organisation.

What is the aim of Pride Space and how will it aid the LGBTQ+ Community?

Our mission and aim have been published in Companies House and set forth the following proposal

  • Open a pilot LGBTQ+ community hub on Nottingham’s high street, with a view to opening many more after a successful trial period.
  • Offer bespoke, low-cost, free or subsidised activities, events and products.
  • The space will look to offer a free or low-cost counselling service.
  • It will provide a lending library of LGBTQ+ books and resources. 
  • It will offer free, low-cost or subsidised events for the LGBTQ+ community
  • It will provide a small cafe and shopping area, providing employment opportunities and giving the LGBTQ+ demographic access to LGBTQ+-specific products and goods. 
  • To work with and support local pride events through fundraising activities, offering grants, and offering low-cost or free meeting spaces for meetings, town halls etc.

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